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Implant-associated infections are challenging to diagnose and treat. Fluorescent probes have been heralded as a technologic advancement that can improve our ability to non-invasively identify infecting organisms, as well as guide the inexact procedure of surgical debridement…

Animal models are used to guide management of periprosthetic implant infections. No adequate model exists for periprosthetic shoulder infections, and clinicians…

Check out our preclinical study on the fully-human monoclonal antibody 1D9, designed to specifically target the immunodominant staphylococcal antigen A (IsaA).

Discover how our fully human monoclonal antibody, 1D9, is revolutionizing spine implant infection detection. 

Explore the potential of fluorescently labeled vancomycin (vanco-800CW) to target and detect Gram-positive bacterial infections.

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